Adventures in Mommyhood

How I learned to stop worrying and enjoy life.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Almost Three Months!

* I weigh about 12 lbs and I am about 24 in long (75th and 85th percentile).
* I can consistently roll from tummy to back. I am working on back to tummy. I pop up on my side, but haven't figured out how to get passed my arm.
* I sleep in my crib now! It requires a TIGHT swaddle, but we get about 4-5 hours on average and have done 6 a couple of times! Mommy prays for more of those times everyday, but is so happy that I am in the crib that she doesn't want to press her luck!
* I am still nursing. Momma wasn't sure we were going to make it a few times, but with determination, we are doing well and attempting to increase our original goals!
* I love being up at night (like my Mommy), but I am probably happiest in the morning, when I wake up (like Daddy).
* In the morning, I bust out of my swaddle and grin really big at Mommy and Daddy because I know I have done something ornery!
* Momma can't believe that I have outgrown all my newborn clothes, am in 0-3, and starting to grow into 3-6!
* My Uncle Dan is completely smitten with me! He is moving into his first house next week and I can't wait to have him close by!
* I love to observe everything. I enjoy being carried facing out so I can look around.
* I can sit in my Bumbo chair now. Daddy calls it a 'baby koozie'!
* I love to play! I no longer require constant holding; I am becoming independent!

Who's Your Mommy?

Claire Bear, smiling in the tub!
Me, circa 1981

We have a water baby on our hands! Claire loves the bath! We get big grins! Just like her Momma. I can't wait for mother - daughter poolside and at the lake. ('On a boat', Daddy!)

Auntie Tiffany Came to Visit!

We were thrilled to see Mommy's high school BFF, Tiffany in late May! Thanks for coming! We can't wait to see you again and for Claire to meet her new buddies, Scarlett and Sam!

Cutest Playdate Ever!

Claire's first playdate took place at the end of May. The following are pictures of Claire with her friend, Josey Crosby! They are about 2.5 weeks apart, though I am so delinquent in my blogging that they have both grown so much since then! The matching onesies were a funny coincidence- cute little twinkies!

Mothers' Day, Claire's baby dedication

Claire was dedicated at First Christian Church on my first Mother's Day. It was lovely and I only cried a little!