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Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Life in Numbers

14- number of months my baby will be on Monday

5- number of years I have been married

8- number of years I have been with my husband

153- number of college credit hours I have (aah!)

24- number of college credit hours until I complete my M.Ed

51- number of college credit hours before LPC

12- average number of hours my baby sleeps per night

45- average number of minutes my baby spends fighting me while I am trying to get her to take a nap.

59- number of days my baby has been a biped

0- not to 'jinx' it, but the amount of debt I have outside of my mortgage : )

28- number of years I have graced the planet

10- years since I graduated high school and went to college

2- number of sizes I am down from my pre-pregnancy weight and the number I'd like to go down from here. Feeling impatient!

2- number of times I have left the country- Oh, I love Europe!

4- number of years I have completed teaching

6- number of cities where I have lived

1- number of states where I have lived (I feel like I am missing out)

35- number of pounds I have lost in just over a year

4- number of cars I've owned

9- number of teeth my baby has

5- years since my father died

27- years old when Claire was born

4- number of TVs in my house (should I admit this?)

6- number of 'fake' teeth I will have as of the eleventh- however-

0- number of cavities I've had (again hoping not to jinx)

5- number of years since my mother had cancer- she's cured now

10- number of months since I lost my stepmom

0- number of siblings I have- however-

4- number of step siblings I have- and-

1- number of brothers in law I have

3- number of wisdom teeth I had

277- days of gestation before Claire was born

3- average number of times I check on Claire before going to bed

9- years since I began attending my church

6- years since I graduated from college and became engaged to Michael

64- number of ounces of water I strive to drink in a day

22- number of pounds I think Claire weighs now; she was 7lbs 14oz at birth

4- number of high school students who have 'friend requested' me on Facebook and are waiting for me to accept them after they graduate

180- number of days in a school year

3- number of school weeks wasted on end of instruction tests

Things I cannot count: number of food items Claire drops on the floor, number of times I say 'no no- don't touch that', number of times I'd die for a nap, number of items of clothing cycling in and out of my closet due to weight fluctuation, the amount of joy I feel during the summer, number of Diet Cokes I consume in a day (mostly because I don't want to own it- it could be worse though), but most important, first and foremost, the blessings I perceive and appreciate in my life. I will close out my twenties this year and can attest that life is better as time passes. The most impossible thing to measure of all is how much I love my baby girl.



At June 2, 2010 at 2:53 PM , Blogger Jessica said...

This was good! A good way to look at the blessings in your life!


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