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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thirty by thirty.

Inspired by the blog musings of Mrs. Jessica Moore, I have decided to compile my own goal list. My thirtieth birthday will be August 25, 2011. This gives me 14 months to do the following. This list is in no particular order, by the way.

30. Be one semester away from completing my graduate degree (M.Ed in Guidance and Counseling)

29. Keep better lesson plans at work / be more organized, results will be subjective, but I'll know.

28. Complete kitchen projects- redo the floor, re-stain the cabinets, fourth light in place

27. survive potty training

26. Be two dress sizes smaller than I am right now

25. learn to crochet- more than basic and do it to blow off steam sometimes

24. accomplish massive garage clean out

23. win a decent scholarship in graduate school

22. cook better (again, results will be subjective, but I'll know)

21. save $200 per month for school

20. paint and patch the ceilings in my home

19. purge unneeded junk that is hiding in my house

18. learn to play a couple of kids' songs on the guitar for Claire

17. get pregnant again- but not quite yet, thank you ; ) (I still have those two dress sizes to lose first!)

16. get all prerequisites together to obtain my LPC

15. read 3 classic novels I have otherwise missed.

14. practice self control with eating 97% of the time

13. go out on more dates with my husband

12. lose any guilt

11. grow out my hair again- without being ridiculous- make efforts to enjoy and preserve my youthful appearance while I still have it! I always look at picture of my mom with me when I was young and think- she looks great! I want Claire to think that too. Again, not obsessed with appearance, just appreciative of God's gift of youth while I still have it and to be happy with my appearance ; )

10. become more involved in my church- where I have slacked off as of late. I admit it.

9. own a 21st century phone- I hold out because I am too cheap, but eventually, I'd like to own a smart phone with GPS or any needed info at my fingertips. Sheesh- this is too stupid to be a real goal. I will call this one # 9, then give myself a 9.5 to make up for it.

9.5. maintain a G.P.A. art or above 3.7 (did I redeem myself with 9.5?)

8. create and adhere to a cleaning / chores chart in our home (sorry, Michael- this includes you)

7. Be more comfortable with where I am over where I think I should be.

6. put a picture in the frame on my mantle that has has the stock photo in it since we got married- 5 years ago. Yes, that's right, I've displayed a frame on my mantle with the picture that came with it for 5 years now. Nice.

7. enter the toddler years with love and patience

6. Print photographs an place in albums in a timely manner. ( The last pictures I have printed are from last October!)

5. In light of my perfectionism, go easier on myself.

4. spend less money on things that are not fun to spend money on (i.e. find resourceful ways to reduce expenses like my grocery bill!)

3. Go on road trips. Claire is of an age where I feel we can survive 3-5 hours in a car.

2. hold office in an organization that means something to me

1. have faith in general, doubt less, worry less, enjoy more.

It occurs to me that these goals may not be 'glamorous', but they are all worthy to me. I am going to challenge myself to visit these goals when I turn 30 and tell you all how it has gone! Accountability, right? Then, I can set the next set of goals.

What are your goals? Comment and let me know!



At June 2, 2010 at 10:28 PM , Blogger Jessica said...

Great goals!

At June 5, 2010 at 12:47 PM , Blogger MR said...

There's nothing wrong with wanting a more functional phone. The features on our current ones (beyond the cameras, which we do use) aren't of much use for what either of us do. There was a conversation on my Twitter about AT&T's new pricing tiers for the iPhone.You might take a look at that as a starter and, once I get more info on what the changes actually mean, I'll probably have a post about it on my site.


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