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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tiny Dancer is Twenty-two weeks!

Oh my God! Am I really this big with 3.5 months to go! Where will she fit? This shot is 22 weeks. In the last couple of weeks, strangers have noticed the bump and made comments. None have dared to touch the belly. Maybe they value their safety!

A clerk at a store asked when I was due- just curious for the response, I said, "Well, what do you think?". She replied, "any day now?". Good Lord!

After careful consideration, we bought the "inspiration bedding" instead of attempting to recreate it. Instead, the women of my family have decided to make accessories and decor. The bedding is pictured above because I couldn't figure out how to move it. I love the simple elegance. I believe that I will accessorize with pops of red- though plum is still in consideration
: )

Michael and I completed our registries at Target and Babies R Us. We wanted to be done before Christmas rush and the floods of post Christmas returns. If you are interested in seeing our furniture, it is on JC Penney ( as a registry. I did it that way so out families could quickly and easily find it- without wading through the site and writing on stick notes. Since it is still there, now everyone can see it- supposing there is any chance that anyone else is as curious as I am! I love to see how people decorate!

The holiday went fast. I experimented with bow making and organized Claire's room. My mom saved a ton of stuff I wore (and even some stuff she wore) as a baby and it is all in Claire's closet. She also brought a table and chair set I had as a little girl. It is perfect in her room. The crib is due in the next couple of weeks, the bedding in 2-3 weeks. When things start coming together, I will gleefully post pictures, so everyone can see everything.

I can definitely feel Claire move now. She has become quite strong. I think we are close to Michael being able to feel her move- which I am eager for!

All doctor reports still positive and healthy!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

And she will be known as...

Claire Alexandra Ross!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Twenty weeks...halfway there!

We have officially reached the halfway point! At my last doctor visit, I was told that she is growing and thriving right on target with her April 3 due date. She is growing, but I am not, I am still down 5 pounds! As long as she is getting bigger, I have the weight to spare. I feel just fine, with the exception of extreme fatigue from time to time. I fell asleep during the school musical the other day! I haven't done anything like that since I had mono in high school! I can feel some fluttering- I think it is her moving around. It is just so light that it is easy to dismiss as wishful thinking. I keep hoping to feel stronger movement. I know she moves quite a bit- the sonographer couldn't get her to stay still!

She does not have a name yet. We are still working that out slowly. It is amazing how your tastes change when you will attach a name to an actual human life! We just don't want anything too trendy / popular or too made up sounding. If you have suggestions- please feel free to leave them in a comment. Several of the suggestions we have received so far have given us much food for thought and have been greatly appreciated!

My Mom, Mother-in-law, aunt and I are planning to team up and create nursery bedding together! What a blessing to have a team of talented and creative women that are excited to help with this project. It will, in the end, create a classic heirloom or maybe become a tradition for us! So far, I am leaning toward this:

as the inspiration for the bedding. Mostly, I just like the fabrics. I would include pops of either plum or red in accents. Sometimes I lean toward doing something with more purple though, so we will see what inspires me when we get to the fabric shop! The room is already painted a soft yellow, much the same color as my nursery as a baby. I may get a wild hair and paint an accent wall or something, but all in all, I really like the color (I did pick it out and everything looks glowy and pretty in front of it!) Yes, I have heard the thing about fussy babies in yellow rooms, but think it make be about as accurate as using the heartbeat to predict baby gender.
Hopefully ; )

Will post more as I know more! Feel free to leave comments! I love hearing what everyone is thinking!

Much love,

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Here she is, little Miss Ross!

lovely profile- looks like me : )

tiny foot

Little girl!

another face picture (she was moving like crazy, so it is a little blurry)

sweet (but hard to see) face

Little arm

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ready to use gender specific pronouns!

We're having a GIRL! I am working on scanning in the sonogram pics. It won't be long.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Eighteen Weeks

This is eighteen weeks. For a change, I actually feel like I look smaller in a picture than I feel. We will find out the gender (hopefully) on Monday, so expect a new post shortly...

Otherwise, the sickness finally waned, but the hormones have kicked into high gear. Don't mess with me. I may fight or cry.