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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Second Trimester! Finally!

The second trimester officially starts tomorrow. Hopefully, this marker will bring reduced nausea and fatigue. I often feeling like nausea and fatigue are fighting to the brink for my soul. On October 9 (week 15), Michael and I will go in for our next appointment, where the heartbeat will register on a fetal doppler. I am going to try to cry ahead of time so that I don't ruin it ; ) Sometime around the end of October, we will have the ultrasound that determines the gender of the baby. I am not going to make guesses- just be pleasantly surprised when we finally know. That weekend, we will need to have a party with mocktails (for me at least!) We'll keep you posted.

Thank you for your support, love and prayer,

Love notes from friends and family

Hi Baby Ross,
We are so excited about the new little blessing you will be to everyone. It is going to be so much fun checking in your website to find out how everything is going for everyone.
Uncle Chuck and Aunt Debbie
P.S. April is a good month for a birthday! :)
Oh my gosh! I am soooo excited for you! I know that this baby is someone you have been hoping and praying for. We are all so excited to meet you baby Ross!
-Jill, John and Mara Cannon
We are so blessed to have you as our grandchild and love you so much already! We know that you will bring much love and happiness to all of us and your life will be filled with blessings because of the love that your mommy and daddy have for you and for each other! We pray that God will watch over you and will provide you with good health and development as you grow stronger every day! We can't wait to give you a kiss from us! Love you!
-Grandma and Grandpa Ross
We're so happy for you Lindsay and Michael! Baby Ross is already blessed with fine parents and lots of loving family. We can hardly wait to meet the little one! God bless you all and we love you!
-Grandma Jo and Robert

From August 2008

A test, just 4 short days ago, comfirmed that we are expecting. The due date should be April 5, 2009 (ish). I am excited and nervous at this point. Praying for health and growth!

From Mid August 2008

According to what I have read, Baby Ross no longer has a tail (Daddy is so proud) and is about the size of a strawberry! Baby has fingers, toes, fingernails and eyelids. Last week, baby's heart grew to four chambers and should be audible on my doctor's appointment (09/02/2008). Grow, baby, grow! I am praying that you are healthy and thriving.