Adventures in Mommyhood

How I learned to stop worrying and enjoy life.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So pretty!

Here is a sample of her newborn pics. She is so pretty- I can't believe she is mine.

We are still up all night because this little peanut does not want to sleep on her back and tummy is a big no-no these days (grumble).

Otherwise, we have made it to six weeks and are figuring it out as we go along! She was dedicated at church on Mothers' Day. I need to post those pics! Soon, soon!

Linds and Claire

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

...and she's mobile...

Claire rolled over today! During tummy time, she went from front to back all by herself! She accomplished this feat one day shy of being five weeks old! I, of course, had the camera right there and missed it, but will try to catch it again today. I'd love to upload a video. Tummy time and exercise time has quickly become a favorite at our house! She is, of course, not strong enough to crawl yet, but seems to try and go through the motions.

At our last appointment, Claire weighed 9.3lbs, a 1lb 5oz gain in two weeks! Last night, Michael gave her first bottle. She took it like a champ! I am happy that Michael gets this time with her now.

Claire has also kept a full social calendar, attending two weddings and birthday party in the last week alone! I can't wait for playdates with friends. Yesterday, we went to my work and she met my colleagues.

I am so excited for my first Mother's Day! It will be Claire's church dedication too. Pics of that coming shortly after. Also, random- I have been completely in my old wardrobe for 2-3 weeks now! See ya later maternity clothes!

Much love,
Lindsay and Claire